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Julio Pereira - Geografias
Julio Pereira – Geografias
Julio Pereira

Geografias (Som Livre, 2007)

Mandolinist Julio Pereira is a legendary figure in Portuguese folk music. He is known for his combinations of traditional Portuguese folk music with global sounds and the interweaving of acoustic and electronic instruments. His latest CD, Geografias, contains original compositions by Pereira, where he explores the folk rots of Portugal and the new influences brought by immigrants, such as African rhythms. One of the guest artists featured is the increasingly popular Sara Tavares, who is a Portuguese singer of Cape Verdean origin.

Although he is well known in Portuguese rock and folk circles, the talented Julio Pereira deserves more attention outside his home country. In addition to mandolin (bandolim in Portuguese), Pereira plays the Irish form of the bouzouki as well as synthesizers. He is also a leading composer and a producer. Pereira used to be known as a leading cavaquinho musician, but in recent years, he has turned his attention to the mandolin.

On Geografias, Julio Pereira is joined by Quico Serrano on synthesizer, Miguel Veras on guitar, Bernardo Couto on Portuguese guitar and guest vocalists Sara Tavares and Marisa Pinto.

Geografias includes several innovations, such as the pairing of mandolin with Portuguese guitar, which is pretty uncommon in Portuguese folk music. It’s time to discover more about this wondrous musical explorer.

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