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Groupa - Frost
Groupa – Frost

Frost (Footprint Records, 2008)

Groupa is a legendary group in Swedish folk music, which describes its music as Nordic folk fusion. The veteran group keeps surprising with its mix of Swedish (especially from Värmland, near the Norwegian border) and Norwegian roots music and sound explorations. The musicians use traditional instruments such as the willow flute, which has beautiful high pitch; as well as mouth harp, fiddle, percussion and other instruments to create some of the most innovative folk sounds to come out of the Nordic countries in recent times.

The current line-up of Groupa is a trio formed by musicians who have backgrounds in folk, classical and jazz music: Jonas Simonson on flutes and bass clarinet, Terje Isungset on drums, percussion and mouth harp; and Mats Edén on fiddle, viola d’amore ad melodeon. The majority of the mesmerizing evocative material is composed of original pieces by Mats Edén and Jonas Somonson.

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