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Maraca -  Lo que quiero es Fiesta
Maraca – Lo que quiero es Fiesta

Lo que quiero es Fiesta (Ahi Nama, 2008)

Cuban music fans in the United States are not getting much [wiki:timba] music lately, except for European imports. Maraca is an exception. The virtuoso flautist is signed to Ahí Namá Records and his material is easy to obtain in North America. He even toured the United States recently.

Maraca plays the hottest timba, using some of Cuba’s finest singers, a scorching brass section, outstanding percussion and piano, all topped with Maraca’s flute wizardry. But the cutting edge of Cuban music can also be heard on pieces like "Guajira para Mimi," where a guajira meets downright funk bass and electric guitar, elements which are not easily found in salsa, which is timba’s musical cousin. Other genres included are descarga, son and rumba.

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