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Badma Khanda -  Mongolian Music from Buryatia</a

Badma Khanda – Mongolian Music from BuryatiaBadma Khanda

Mongolian Music from Buryatia (ARC Music, 2008)

The story behind Badma Khanda is fascinating. The group is named after its lead vocalist and comes from Buryatia, a republic in southern Siberia that is part of the Russian Federation. Buryatia borders other Russian federation republics like Tuva, Kita and Irkust and the nation of Mongolia to the south. Buryats are a minority in their own country and repression during the Soviet era led Badma Khanda and many other Buryats to flee to Inner Mongolia (China), where they kept their traditions.

Badma Khanda moved to Buryatia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. She is currently a well known pop artist, but her special love are traditional folk songs using native folk instruments. On the CD Mongolian Music from Buryatia, the Badma Khanda Ensemble includes the second main voice of the band, Battuvshin Baldatseren, a Mongolian multi-instrumentalist and one of the best throat singers in the country. Battuvshin plays the ich khuur and morin khuur (horse head fiddles), khumus (jews harp), and bish khuur (single reed trumpet). The rest of the members of the group are Dmitry Ayurov on morin khuur, Kermen Kalyaeva on yochin (hammered dulcimer), and Valentina Namdykova on yatag (board zither). All the group’s musicians are classically trained musicians who navigate Buryatian folk music effortlessly.

An absorbing discovery.

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