Somalian Hip Hop Artist K’Naan Will Perform at Earthdance 2008


Somalian Hip Hop artist K’Naan will be sharing his powerful message of global unity at Earthdance 2008. With his unique style, K’Naan brings an enormous dose of realness and urgency to the hip-hop world in a time when people are desperate for it. From a personal and cultural history rooted in poetry (being the grandson of one of Somalia’s most famous poets), K’Naan widens the traditional hip hop perspective.

Leaving Somalia at the age of thirteen on what turned out to be the very last commercial flight to ever do so, amidst a crumbling society and the end to this day of any form of central government, K’Naan carried with him a very strong sense of purpose. It is this sense of purpose as well as his amazing lyrical gift, which has made him a beacon for other artists as well as those dedicated to global change.


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