Folk Rock Reborn

Boiled in Lead

Silver (Omnium, 2008)

With Silver, folk rock group Boiled in Lead marks its 25th anniversary. By now, the Minneapolis-based band has become a legendary figure in the field of American folk rock thanks to its unconventional approach. Even though the folk, Celtic and world music influences are evident, the rock ingredient is also essential for Boiled in Lead’s sound. The rock elements range from British style folk rock and punk to American alternative rock and even progressive rock epic moments, such as in the massive instrumental piece titled "Berber".

For the new recording, Boiled in Lead recovered its original singer and multi-instrumentalist, Todd Menton and added virtuoso guitarist Dean Magraw. The rest of Boiled In Lead’s line up is: Robin "Adnan" Anders on drums and percussion, Drew Miller on bass guitar and dulcimer, and David Stenshoel on fiddle.

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