Italian Legends Storm Japan

Arti & Mestieri

First Live in Japan (Moonjune Records, 2008)

Arti & Mestieri is a legendary Italian group from the 1970s that earned an excellent reputation in progressive rock circles. Although the group’s sound has some connections with the outstanding Italian prog groups of the 1970s like P.F.M. and Banco, Arti & Mestieri went in a jazzier direction. This live album, recorded at Club Cittá in Tokyo contains some of the finest material by the Italian musicians.

The first includes the pieces from Tilt, one of the must have albums fro any progressive rock collector. The signature sound includes lead violin, lots of keyboards (including the king of progressive rock keyboards, the mellotron), saxophones and the lead vocals of Iano Nocoló. Imagine a jazzier version of P.F.M., with rock, classical music, Italian folk and lots of room for improvisation.


Kudos to Moonjune Records for sharing this wonderful Japanese performance  with the rest of the world.

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