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A Fula's Call - Liingu
A Fula’s Call – Liingu
A Fula’s Call

Liingu (LLR 022, 2008)

Paris watch out, one of the finest contemporary West African CDs came out of The Netherlands. Liingu is an album by A Fula’s Call, a collaboration of Senegalese griot Omar Ka (vocals, guitar, Fula violin) and German jazz flutist Mark Alban Lotz (piccolo, bamboo, concert, alto, bass and contra bass flutes). The two leaders, together with  Raphael Vanoli (guitars and effects) and Afra Mussawisade (Iran) create an exciting blend of Fula music with elements of bossa nova, Indian music and jazz. Most of the influences, however, are fundamentally West African, including a great Malian blues piece.

Omar Ka’s soulful vocals and guitar are weaved seamlessly with Lotz’s inspired flute work. Three additional guests collaborate on the album: Sandi Battacharrya (vocals and tabla), Mustapha Znaida (sentir) and Sebastian Pott (thumb piano).

A Fula’s Call is the third edition of Mark Alban Lotz’s Wild World music. The group has already toured Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia and Holland. Tours of Austria and France are planed.