Transcontinental Celts

Recent Celtic music CDs shows the strong musical connections that are found on both sides of the Atlantic. Virtuoso Scottish fiddler Ian Hardie explores the music of Scotland and Appalachia (the mountainous area in the eastern United States) on his latest work, Westringing. The mesmerizing album, composed by Hardie,  came out on Hardie’s own label and is subtitled Scotland Meets Appalachia . A lot of the music in Appalachia has Scottish and Irish roots and Ian Hardie traveled to western North Carolina and southern Virginia to meet some of the local musicians. "I made 4 study trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2005 and 2006 to see, hear, meet and learn from many of the finest fiddle players and other musicians in Appalachia."Patrick Street is a one of North America’s favorite Celtic bands. The group tours frequently and has a loyal following. Their latest CD, On the Fly, is on Loftus Music, Kevin Burke’s record label (Kevin is also a band member). Patrick Street has gone through various stages and the latest line-up features veterans and newcomers as well:  Kevin Burke, Andy Irvine, Ged Foley and John Carty. On the Fly treats the listener with a collection of masterfully performed jigs, reels, charming songs, a hornpipe and a polka. 

Irish singer Heidi Talbot spent several years with American Celtic superband Cherish the Ladies. On her latest solo work, In Love & Light, Talbot provides her talent to a set of music that goes beyond Celtic music. The intimate album follows the path of soft folk rock and Celtic music.

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