Stylishly Cool


Agua Del Pozo (Caracol Records, 2008)

After his debut CD Humo de Tabaco with appearances by Chucho Valdes and Pancho Amat, AlexCuba is back with his second CD Agua Del Pozo released on the Caracol Records label and it promises to have fans swooning. On Agua Del Pozo with its mellow compositions and flavorful vocals, the Cuban-born AlexCuba has stoked his sound with tres, bata drums, congas, horns and timbales to create sweet-sounding groove that is overwhelming Cuban in flavor, but tinged with AlexCuba’s jazz sensibilities.

Agua Del Pozo opens with the delightfully breezy “Amor Infinito,” and it becomes apparent from the very start that AlexCuba is aiming for a new brand of Cuban sound with his silky smooth vocals and the feather light feel to the compositions. Writing most of the songs on the CD, AlexCuba’s sweetly melancholic “Lamento” and the sassy “Tu Boca lo Quita” are refreshingly sleek with neat orchestrations. With supporting musicians Joby Baker, Emilio Del Monte, Emilio Del Monte Jr., Robin Felix Martinez, Carlos Alvarez, Regis Molina, Magela Herrera Portuondo and a guest Luis Simon Varela Hernandez “Quimiñon,” Agua Del Pozo sparkles with tracks like “Si Pero No” and “Fiesta Religión.” The jazzy vocals against a stylishly cool sound on “Mariposa” mark it as a standout piece on the CD.

Flirtatious and smartly sophisticated, Agua Del Pozo is top down convertible kind of ride.

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