Tales from Darbukistan

Darbuki Kings  - Lawrence Of Suburbia
Darbuki Kings – Lawrence Of Suburbia
Doumtekestan (Darbuki Kings Records, 2007)

Lawrence Of Suburbia (Darbuki Kings Records, 2008)

Two multi-instrumentalists, Robin Adnan Anders and Antonio Albarran, are behind the Darbuki Kings. Inspired by the music of the countries that were part of the ancient Silk Road, the Darbuki Kings combine good humor with folk-inspired instrumental pieces, as well as as modern fusions. The majority of the influences are Middle Eastern, although there are elements of Greek music and Indian dance music.

Robin Adnan Anders (a.k.a. Adnan Darbuki) plays percussion and samples. Antonio Albarran (a.k.a. Antone Darbuki) plays sitar and lauto. Robin is a founding member of the renowned groups Boiled in Lead and 3 Mustaphas 3.

Doumtekestan came out in 2007. Lawrence Of Suburbia was released this year and makes fun of the cheesy American suburban culture, with fast food gourmets and lawn-obsessed men.