Bhakti Invocations

Aruna Sairam

Divine Inspiration (World Village 468074, 2008)

Aruna Sairam is a renowned Indian singer who specializes in the music of southern India, which is known as Carnatic music. Divine Inspiration  features exquisite vocal performances based on sacred music traditions that are found in Hindu temples.

Sairam combines poetry, language, and music from various parts of India. She treats the listener to nine songs and invocations from the Bhakti Movement. This movement was started in southern India and spread to the rest of the country. The followers of this Hindu religious movement practice the loving devotion to God, called bhakti. They are generally devoted to the worship of Shiva, Vishnu, Murukan or Shakti.

Accompanying Sairam on Divine Inspiration are virtuoso instrumentalists H. N Bhaskar on violin; Girija on tampura; Dr. S.Karthik on ghatam; and J. Vaidyanathan on mridangam.


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