The Global Electronica Princess of East Asia

Sa Dingding - Alive
Sa Dingding – Alive
Sa Dingding

Alive (Universal/Shanghai To-Wing Culture Development, 2008)

Chinese singer Sa Dingding is beginning to get well deserved worldwide attention thanks to her recent BBC World Music Award in the Asia/Pacific category. The key to her success is her captivating vocal style, together with Chinese and Tibetan traditions and instrumentation combined with cutting edge global grooves and electronica.

The photogenic vocalist sings in Mandarin Chinese, Sanskrit, Tibetan and also in an imaginary language she created. Sa Dingding is fascinated by Sanskrit and also incorporates evocative Tibetan Buddhism elements, such as mantras, adding vocal ensembles and chill out ambience as a counterbalance to the dance oriented pieces.

Sa Dingding is scheduled to perform at the BBC World Music Award Winners’ Concert on 30th July at the Royal Albert Hall in London and is also a confirmed artist for the renowned WOMAD festival.

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