Indian Innovators Shastriya Syndicate Unveil a Winner

Shastriya Syndicate - Syndicated
Shastriya Syndicate – Syndicated
Shastriya Syndicate

Syndicated (Sense World Music, 2008)

Shastriya Syndicate is Purbayan Chatterjee‘s project. On the outstanding CD Syndicated (Sense World Music) he has brought together a group of young Indian masters, who are bringing new blood to Indian classical music. The virtuoso musicians fuse the music of North India (HIndistani) and South Inda (Carnatic).

While many Indian artists follow the traditional format of soloist and accompanist, Shastriya Syndicate brings together seven maestros who have the opportunity to collaborate, while at the same time they get to show their enviable skills.

The musicians who form the group are some of the finest instrumentalists of their generation, Purbayan Chatterjee on sitar; Rakesh Chaurasia on bamboo flute; Veenai Jayanthi on veena; Murad Ali on the always evocative sarangi; Subhankar Banerjee on tabla; Pramath Kiran on South Indian instruments such as tharvil, ghatam and morsing, as well as African jembe and western percussion; and Satish Patri Kumar on mridangam.

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