Opening Flamenco’s Doors

Raphael Brunn Flamenco Quintet

Puertas Abiertas (independent, 2007)

New York-based guitarist Raphael Brunn plays Flamenco Spanish-style. While many US-based guitarists who claim to play Flamenco usually go for the light rumba pieces, Raphael Brunn plays harder palos (Flamenco styles), such as bulerías and even a taranta. His new CD, Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors) includes virtuoso solo guitar work as well as attention-grabbing ensemble pieces, combining Flamenco with jazz elements.

Brunn spent some time in Spain and as Nuevo Flamenco artists have done in the past, he uses electric bass. Brunn paints Flamenco with new colors by adding  intimate jazz trumpet. His ensemble uses palmas (handclap percussion) as well. Accompanying Brunn are Sean Kupisz on bass, Oscar Valero on percussion, Duane Eubanks on trumpet and Mariano Manzella on vocals. 

 Puertas Abiertas is a refreshing look at Flamenco made in North America.

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