Opening the Curtain

Csurgó Zenekar – Folk Music From Hungary (ARC Music, 2008)

Folk Dance Ensemble Vila – Music of Serbia (ARC Music, 2008)

Csurgó Zenekar has researched dance music throughout Hungary. Founded in 1995 in Szekszárd (southern Hungary), the band performs dance house music every month. On Folk Music From Hungary the group only plays authentic Hungarian folk pieces from Transylvania and mainland Hungarian villages. Their aim is to recreate the original music of Hungarian peasants.

The band has its own repertory. "When putting our repertory together we make every effort to show the public the folk music traditions of Hungary as a whole, and also to introduce the traditions of Hungarians beyond the current country borders (e.g. Transylvania)," says the band. "As the need may be we display the relevant national dresses, and folk dance shows are also on."

Csurgó Zenekar  also displays Hungarian folk musical instruments. "We sound up to 50 musical instruments on the stage ranging from the simplest hemlock bagpipe to the stringed instruments and the cymbalom."


South of Hungary, in Serbia, Folk Dance ensemble Vila  uses an orchestra of tambura players, a children’s folk dance ensemble and the students of the folk dance school. The group presents folk music from throughout Serbia, including instrumental and vocal pierces.

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