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The Rough Guide to the Music of Hungarian Gypsies (World Music Network, 2008)

As the interest in Gypsy (Roma) music increases, labels have been moving from pan-Gypsy compilations to material representing Gypsy communities in specific countries. The Rough Guide to the Music of Hungarian Gypsies  provides a reliable and fresh look at some of Hungary’s finest performers of Gypsy music.

Four basic types of current Gypsy music are featured. The guitar, vocals and percussion ensembles are characteristically Hungarian, using a captivating galloping style. There are also the violin and cimbalom artists, who have many musical connections with Eastern European Gypsies, primarily Romanians. A few brass band representatives are featured and then there are also the innovators, who blend traditional Gypsy music with pop, electronics and even Indian sounds.

The artists included are Romano Drom, Parno Graszt, Amaro Suno, ndo Drom, Kálmán Balogh & The Gipsy Cimbalom Band, Fanfare Ciocarlia feat Mitsou & Florentina Sandu, Etnorom, Cimbali Band, Kalyi Jag, Karavan Familia, Kálmán Balogh & Romano Kokalo, Khamoro, Romanyi Rota, Besh o droM and Bela Lakatos. 

The CD contains a data track that includes music and travel from the Rough Guide books.

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