Celebrating Ecuador’s Mestizo Culture

Alex Alvear - Equatorial
Alex Alvear – Equatorial
Alex Alvear

Equatorial (Colorao Music, 2006)

Ecuadorian guitarist celebrates the three cultures that define Ecuadorian culture. On the outstanding Equatorial, Alvear treats the ears with a feast of acoustic guitars, Andean melodies and Afro-Ecuadorian coastal rhythms, demonstrating the charm of Ecuadorian music. While he uses and respects Andean culture, Alvear also pays tribute to the lesser known Afro-Ecuadorian culture, through its beats, and he also shows his passion for the art of the guitar, which was taken to Ecuador by Spanish settlers and sailors.

Alvear invited a multinational cast of musicians, including a special appearance by the legendary Cuban clarinetist Paquito D’Rivera. Equatorial includes the delightful vocal work of Marta Gómez, whose voice and style sound remarkably similar to renowned Peruvian singer Susana Baca.

I have been here in the [United] States for twenty years,” says Alvear. “I think I have blended as much as any immigrant can blend and continue to contribute my part as a member of this society. But deep down inside there’s always been an undertone that as much as I have made a home here there is a longing for something I left behind. Ecuador is not a paradise. But it is still home, it is always with me."

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