Venezuelan Pride

Orlando Poleo -  ¡Cúrate!
Orlando Poleo – ¡Cúrate!
Orlando Poleo

¡Cúrate! (Cacao Music, 2007)

Venezuelan expatriate Orlanedo Poleo has been playing with Paris-based salsa bands for several years. He is considered one of the finest conga players from Venezuela. For his fourth CD he has chosen Venezuelan label Cacao Música. In addition to his regular band, he is joined by none other than Venezuelan salsa superstar Oscar D’León, Cuban percussionist Horacio el Negro Hernández and several other guests.

¡Cúrate!  (Heal yourself), recorded in Venezuela, shows a salsa powerhouse, with a mind-blowing rhythm section and a collection of masterfully crafted songs that celebrate Venezuelan pride through Afro-Caribbean beats from Venezuela and Cuba, including salsa, son montuno, Latin jazz, and cha cha chá.

As other salsa musicians have done, Poleo’s music is not just meant for partying. It has a social conscience, advocating for the poor and disenfranchised, making his whole musical message more appealing.

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