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Xosé Manuel Budiño - Home
Xosé Manuel Budiño – Home
Xosé Manuel Budiño

Home (Falcatruada, 2007)

On his latest CD, Home (released in late 2007), Spanish multi-instrumentalist Xosé Manuel Budiño travels goes beyond Celtic music. Best known for his bagpipe and whistle expertise, Budiño grew up learning the sounds of his native Galicia, the Celtic region in northwestern Spain. But his worldwide tours have taken him beyond the Celtic circuit (Ireland, British Isles, Brittany, Galicia, Asturias, etc.) . Budiño visited countries such as Bulgaria, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Lebanon, Syria and Morocco. From these lands, the Galcian musician brought back not only memories, but also musical melodies and new friends.

Xosé Manuel Budiño’s musical friends featured on home include some of the finest Spanish instrumentalists as well as international friends, like his old buddy, fiddler Jacky Molard.  Jorge Pardo, best known for his Nuevo Flamenco sensibility, plays sax;  Paulo Borges is on piano, Paco Charlín on bass, charismatic singer Mercedes Peón lends her passionate Galician voice, Carlos Castro is on drums. Other musicians include Basque accordionist Kepa Junkera, Xoel Lopez on vocals and Antón Reixa also on vocals. 

Unlike other musicians who rearrange folk music, Budiño composes his own material, combining his extensive Galician folk music roots with mesmerizing global sounds and beats. 

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