Iberian Remembrances

Cañizares -   Suite Iberia
Cañizares – Suite Iberia

Suite Iberia (Sony BMG, 2007)

Flamenco guitarist  Juan Manuel Cañizares ventures again into classical music with his adaptations of Albeniz’s Suite Iberia. Albeniz and other Spanish classical music composers were deeply influenced by Spanish folk music and specially Flamenco. So it is not are for a Flamenco musician (many of which are conservatory trained) to interpret classical works.

On Suite Iberia  Juan Manuel Cañizares shows his masterful technique. He is one of the finest guitarists of his generation, which  Vicente Amigo and Gerardo Núñez. This is a solo work, however, so you won’t heard palmas, cajón or any other instrument you normally find in Flamenco guitar CDs. Cañizares, nonetheless, makes good use of recording techniques by overdubbing guitar, turning the album into a collection of enchanting guitar duets which evoke a delightful warm spring afternoon by the Spanish countryside.


Cañizares will be touring North America to promote the album.

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