Bubblin’ Babylon

Infantry Rockers

Boombala (Revolucion Disks, 2007)

The Infantry Rockers  is a collective formed by musicians from various parts of the world (Africa, South America, the Caribbean and the USA) now living in Madison, Wisconsin (United States). The sizzling mix combines dub, reggae, cumbia and other styles with vocals in English and Spanish. Boombala is the Infantry Rockers’ third commercial release since they formed in 1999. The band has evolved from  a dub collective to its current mestizo music stage.

 The Infantry Rockers promote various ideas of peace, justice, corporate accountability, anti-imperialism, as well as other social, economic and political causes through its music and actions. The band is stating to attack international attention. Dubhead Records in the UK featured Infantry Rockers on the “Dub Solidarity” and “Shake the Nations” compilations. 

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