Reflective Bossa

Vinicius Cantuaria

Cymbals (Koch Records, 2008)

Brazilian  multi-instrumentalist and singer Vinicius Cantuaria is able to perform a wide range of styles, from bossa nova to avant-garde jazz. Now based in the United States,  Cantuaria has developed a unique guitar style in recent years that has turned him into one of the most talented and creative guitarists in North America.

Cantuaria’s bossa style is introspective. It has little to do with the happy and easy listening style that passes as bossa nova. In that regard, Cantuaria’s music seems closer to the fado or morna frame of mind. On this latest CD, Cymbals, he has recruited well known musicians such as Marc Ribot and Brad Mehldau, who add an exquisite ambience to the recording .


Although many of Cantuaria’s CDs are guitar based, Cymbals focuses on his vocal talent, although you can still enjoy his excellent guitar playing throughout the various pieces.

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