Podolian Wedding

Konsonans Retro

A Podolian Affair  (Oriente Musik, 2007)

As in other parts of the world, Ukraine has its families of musicians who entertain participants at weddings and other celebrations. In the region of Podolia, which is near the Moldavian border, there is the village of Zagnitkiv. This is the home of a family of musicians, the Baranovskys, who play a repertory that incorporates the various musical influences in the area, Ukrainian melodies, Moldovan tunes, Klezmer songs, Gypsy folklore and Russian music.

The current generations of the Baranovskys have a band called Konsonans Retro that carries on the family the tradition. Konsonans Retro describes itself as a Ukrainian World Village Band. Their style on their latest CD, A Podolian Affair , is jovial and fast paced, based on the sounds of the accordion, frenzied and prevailing brass, vocals and drums.

The younger  Baranovskys now live in the town of Kodyma, which is not far from Zagnitkiv. There, they are able to rehearse with their cousins, who are also members of the group.

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