Flamenco’s Femme Fatale Legend, Petenera, Comes to Life in DVD

Music Film Factor has released Petenera, a Flamenco Drama in Music and Dance, that brings to life Petenera, the seductive femme-fatale that has appeared in flamenco lore for over 500 years.
 Unlike other flamenco productions, which are made in Spain, this drama features US-based performers, such as Elena Marlowe, along with Spanish artists such as dancer José Galván. The palos (various Flamenco genres) used are some of the most traditional, a serrana, siguiriyas, tientos, and the always popular bulerías.The DVD comes with four bonus tracks, which include  Manuel Parejo’s Granaínas guitar solo, Robin Brown’s Petenera guitar/vocals solo from the music documentary feature film My Father, his Flamenco and I and left in its director’s cut version, and the unique archive recording of José Galván’s Martinete – Siguiriya that he performed in 2001 at Sonoma’s Sebastiani Theatre. The fourth bonus is an interview with Elena Marlowe and Robin Brown, the creators of the show.

The DVD is available from www.musicfilmfactor.com in both NTSC (US) and PAL (Europe) formats. 

Photos extracted from DVD, courtesy of Music Film Factor.