Replicant Brozman

Bob Brozman

Lumiere (World Music Network, 2007)

The cover of the CD gives you an idea of what Bob Brozman is up to. He appears replicated numerous times, playing different instruments, forming a large orchestra of Bob Brozmans. On Lumiere, the American guitar virtuoso has taken numerous stringed instruments that belong to the guitar family and using overdubs he has created a rich tapestry of stringed music.

The musical influences of the traveling anthropologist span the globe, from Argentine tango to Caribbean Calypso, from Hawaiian slack key to Malian blues and on and on. It’s a true stringed instrument fest. "Acoustic timbres inform the music in this collection," says Brozman. "The huge dynamic range of acoustic instruments invites me to explore the deeply intimate relationship between feeling and muscle action."


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