Garifuna Passion

Various Artists

From Bakabush, The First Ten Years Of Stonetree (Stonetree, 2005)

If you heard about Garifuna music, but do not know how to get started, listen to this fabulous compilation by Belizean label  records. The Garifuna, a mix of descendants of African slaves and indigenous Americans, are spread throughout Belize, Honduras and the eastern coast of Guatemala. They use a combination African-rooted drums and percussion, guitars and other instruments. Their music is a mix of rhythms with roots in Africa, Latin music and lyrics in Spanish and English.

From Bakabush features various generations of Garifuna musicians, including the still energetic Leroy Young, one of the great elders of Garifuna music, as well as some of the stars of the younger generation, like Andy Palacio and Aurelio Martínez, who are preserving the roots of this remarkable music.

The CD booklet includes biographies and color photos of the biggest names in current Garifuna music.

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