Fiddler’s Advocate

Christ Stout

Devil’s Advocate (Greentrax, 2007)

Scottish fiddler Christ Stout is one of the best players of his generation within the UK. He is part of a popular group called Fiddler’s Bid, but he also has a solo career, where he shows his talent as an instrumentalist, arranger and composer.

On Devil’s Advocate Stout plays fiddle and viola, accompanied by excellent instrumentalists: Fraser Fifield (soprano saxophone), Catriona Mackay (harp, piano), Malcolm Stitt (guitar) and Neil Harland (bass).

The music on Devil’s Advocate shows the wide arrange of influences that inspire Stout’s fiddles, including Celtic, jazz and world music. Naturally, he draws upon the rich Scottish tradition, skillfully rearranging traditional tunes, such as Shetland reels, and incorporating his own new material. Stout is also interested in music from other countries and pays tribute to Sweden’s Olov Johansson in "Bambodansarna."

Some of the best moments in the CD, in addition to Stout’s solos, are the duets with saxophone player  Fraser Fifield.

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