Kantele Intimacy

Sinikka Langeland

Starflowers (ECM Records, 2007)

Although Sinikka Langeland is a Norwegian folk singer, don’t expect an album of virtuoso hardanger fiddles. Instead, Starflowers, her latest recording, is an intimate recording, featuring tranquil pieces with voice, kantele (Finnish zither) and, at times, saxophone and trumpet. It’s an ECM production so will find the usual elements of atmospheric, nearly minimal, jazz and also instrumental exploration and improvisation.

Starflowers‘ lyrics are based on poems by Hand Borli, from "We Own the Forests and Other Poems." The CD booklet includes the original Norwegian lyrics together with English translations by Louis Muinzer.

The best musical moments are when Sinikka accompanies herself with the scenic and dreamy sounds of the kantele.

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