Los Cenzontles Bring Out the Best of California’ Melting Pot

Los Cenzontles  - Los Senn-sont-less
Los Cenzontles – Los Senn-sont-less
Los Cenzontles

Los Senn-sont-less (Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center, 2007)

The latest CD by Los Cenzontles takes the group in several directions, showing the myriad of influences they have been exposed to. Although the group draws primarily from Mexican music, the musicians also add country and rock elements.

The group based in San Pablo, in the San Francisco East Bay. The musicians include third generation Mexican Americans, immigrant Mexicans and non-Hispanic Americans. Many of the group’s members learned music at the Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center and have been in the group since childhood.

For Los Senn-sont-less, the San Pablo musicians are joined by guitarist David Hidalgo of lobos, who provides fiery solos and guitar subtlety as well. Showing that their influences not only come from Mexico, Los Cenzontles also feature the lonesome sounds of legendary pedal steel guitar player Bobby Black, who is well known in the country music world. And bluegrass is also present with the participation of banjo player Bill Evans.

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