An Inspiring New Generation of Bossa

Clara Moreno

Meu Samba Torto (Compass Records, 2007)

It’s probably genetic. Bossa nova flows through Clara Moreno’s name. Her name may not ring a bell automatically, but she is the daughter of renowned Brazilian singer Joyce (who  participates in several pieces). Of the thousands of Brazilian CDs released in Brazil, very few make it to the United States. Thankfully, Compass Records has released in North America.

The concept behind the album Meu Samba Torto is intimate bossa nova, giving a warm and cozy coffeehouse feel. Most of the album presents Clara Moreno on vocals performing with prominent guitarist and songwriter Celso Fonseca on acoustic and electric guitar. There are barely any other instruments: just bass and drums in a few of the pieces.


The song selection includes two charming new pieces made for Clara, composed by Celso Fonseca and Joyce respectively. There are also classic bossa songs, as well as a recreation of an Edith Piaf song and a cover of the American standard "Tenderly."

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