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Julio García - Ser
Julio García – Ser
Julio García

Ser (Escalera, 2007)

Not all Spanish guitarists play Flamenco. Madrid-based acoustic guitarist Julio García performs creative and esthetically beautiful acoustic music that combines Spanish folk influences with classical music and world music elements.

Ser is Julio García’s 5th album, which was produced with support of Fundación Ananta.In this recording, vocals play a bigger role, together with a trio of strings. In addition to García’s guitar, there is bansuri and bandoneón.

The musicians that collaborate  with Julio García on the Cd are some of Madrid’s finest. Teresa Barrientos, (a former member of Joan Valent’s Ars Ensemble and headliner in the Spanish version of Phantom of the opera), Helena de Alfonso (lead singer of one of the finest Spanish folk groups, Barahúnda), the young Lara Rosales (who is only 17 years old) and Carmen Ros, who co-wrote some of the songs. 

The string trio is formed by Juan Luis Gallego on violin, Cristina Pozas  on viola and Miguel Jiménez on cello.

The bansuri is played by one of the luminaries of Spanish world music, Javier Paxariño.  Julio Albertos plays flute, Fabián Carbone (of tango group Tango Quattro) plays bandoneón and José Miguel Garzón (who performs with Flamenco star Joaquín Cortés) plays bass.

The CD is also available for download at iTunes and other music portals.

More information at: www.juliogarcia.eu and music samples are available at www.myspace.com/juliogarcia00