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Autorickshaw -  So the Journey Goes
Autorickshaw – So the Journey Goes

So the Journey Goes (Tala-Wallah Records, 2007)

The latest album by Canadian band autorickshaw continues in the direction of combining Indian music with jazz forms. The leading instruments are the vocals of Suba Sankaran and the electric bass of virtuoso musician Rich Brown.

Suba Sankarann has a subtle voice that can easily switch from jazz stylings to rapping and classical Indian techniques. Her vocals are followed by Rich Brown‘s bass. At times, Hanley develops intricate solos that beautifully emulate Indian stringed instruments, while other times he goes in a funk jazz direction.

There is also room for Bollywood influences, specially in pieces like "Aaj Ki Raat,’ which features a brass band.

Flamenco is also present in "Chana," a piece that the Karnataka College of percussion performed with a Spanish nuevo flamenco band.  Autorickshaw combines jazz, Carnatic Indian music and Flamenco influences, specially in the use of palmas.

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