New Album in 2008 by Alekos K. Vretos

Alekos K. Vretos is currently preparing his new album. The actual recording is going to be completed by February 2008, and the album is going to be released some time after that.The recordings will take place under the  supervision of the great master Simon Shaheen.

Great musicians that have trusted the talent of the young virtuoso Vretos, will team up for this creation of good music. Master Shaheen is bound to push Vretos to his limits, given that he is his teacher and knows how to motivate him. Improvisation will be the main axis for this new work by Vretos. He will try to challenge all that think traditionally of the ‘ud. Funk, Jazz, R&B and other modern elements will interact with the sound of the traditional instruments and not the melodies (like the previous album "Yuan"). Alekos K. Vretos will try to take the ‘ud to the next level.

More information at: Alekos K. Vretos