Remembering the Roving Klezmer Musicians of Carpathia


Klezmer Carpathian Music (ARC music, 2007 )

Polish band Transkapela specializes in the Jewish folk music of the Carpathians, which includes Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Jewish music from that part of Europe has many connections with Gypsy music. Both ethnicities had groups of wandering musicians in the 19th and 20th that played at weddings, town fairs and other events.

Transkapela is formed by virtuosos Ewa Wasilewska on violin, Maciej Filipczuk on violin and trumpet fiddle, Piotr Pniewski on cello and drum, and Robert Wasilevski on cimbalom, viola, kaval, tilinka and gordon.


The excellent selection of pieces includes festive wedding music, traditional folk tunes, horas, waltzes and dances. Al the music comes from Carpathian sources, with new arrangements created by the band. 

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