A Tribute to Cuban Doo Wop Stars

Los Zafiros

Los Zafiros – Music From The Edge Of Time (Shout Factory SF18589, 2007)

This insightful documentary about Cuban group Los Zafiros shows the viewers why the group was and still is so popular and played an important role in Cuban music. During most of the 1960s, los Zafiros entertained Cuban audiences with rich vocals and music that combines American Doo Wop and R&B with Cuban music and other Caribbean influences.

As one can see in this fascinating project, Los Zafiros even looked like the late 50s and early 60s American vocal groups, such as the Platters.

Los Zafiros – Music From The Edge Of Time begins with current day Miami, where DJ Adrián Mesa still plays Los Zafiros for the nostalgic Cuban immigrant community.


Two of the group’s leaders were Miguel Angel Cancio and Manuel Galbán. Cancio has been living in exile for nearly a decade, while guitarist Manuel Galbán still lives in Cuba and collaborated not too long ago with Ry Cooder.

Using the opportunity of the documentary, Miguel Angel Cancio traveled back to Havana, where he met his old friend and band mate Manuel Galbán. Together they explore the areas where Los Zafiros used to hang out and perform.

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