Devotional Indian Songs of Meera Bai


Meera Kahen (Kosmic Music, 2007)

This CD seems to have two different front covers. The version we received is from US-based Kosmic Music, a label dedicated to contemporary devotional Indian music. Meera Kahen combines the lyrics of legendary Indian poet Meera Bai with the music of Indian film music composer Ajay-Atul.

The Indian musician uses vocals, chorus, woodwinds, percussion and traditional Indian instruments including the veena and the Indian tabla. 

Meera Bai was born in 1498 in Rajahstan. Her incredible devotion to Krishna affected all parts of her life, including her marriage; she refused to honor her husband because she believed she was already married to Krishna himself. Although no one knows exactly how many "bhajans," or prayerful songs, she composed, historians believe the number lies somewhere between 200 and 1300. The seven tracks on "Meera Kahan" tell a small piece of Meera Bai’s story and her devotion to Krishna.

If you are into Indian spiritual music with an modern twist, forget about the western musicians jumping on the bandwagon and listen to the real stuff.

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