Nuevo Flamenco Maestros

Son de la Frontera

Cal (Nuevos Medios/World Village, 2007)

Cal  is the new album by Flamenco innovators Son de la Frontera. The group from Morón (Sevilla) performs traditional Flamenco palos (styles) with established instruments such as the Flamenco guitar, palmas and vocals, together with Cuban tres guitar, which is normally not found in flamenco.

The tres guitar adds an intriguing, but at the same time fresh element, to Flamenco. Son de la Frontera are primarily excellent instrumentalists, who come from well known families in the Sevilla province.

The palos selected for Cal  are bulerías, alegrías, tanguillos, malagueñas, soleas por bulerías, tarantos, and the popular sevillanas. There is also an air of Spanish classical music and blues that filters through the sounds of the guitars.


This is truly Nuevo Flamenco, music that is new, creative and innovative.

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