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SonDeSeu - Trastempo
SonDeSeu – Trastempo

Trastempo (Fundación SonDeSeu, 2007)

One of the most beautiful Celtic albums I’ve heard in a long time is this Cd by Galician ensemble SonDeSeu. More than an ensemble, it is a full orchestra, composed of instrumentalists playing traditional instruments such as the hurdy gurdy, drums, bagpipes, harps and fiddles.

The hurdy gurdy section formed by at least eight players is simply wonderful. The project was formed originally in the school year of 2001-2002 at the Conservatorio de Música Tradicional da Escola de Artes de Vigo. Teachers and students got together to form the first folk orchestra in Galicia (Spain).

A total of 35 musicians form the orchestra. The repertoire includes traditional material witj new arrangements as well as original pieces. SonDeSeu became one of the hits at the renowned Festival de Ortigueira, one fo the largest Celtic festivals in Europe.

The orchestra’s first album "Mar de Vigo" came out in 2004, released by Boa Records.

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