A Colossal Musical History of Ireland

Ron Kavana

Irish Ways (Proper PRDP4001, 2007)

Irish musician and writer Ron Kavana has put together a monumental project titled Irish Ways. The beautifully packaged boxed set includes 4 CDs and a 122-page book.

Irish Ways follows the history of Ireland and it took Kavana about 6 years to complete the endeavor. Kavana uses music, song and poetry to illustrate the different stages of Irish history. The CDs flow perfectly, like a book on tape, combining spoken parts (narration and poetry) with a musical soundtrack with captivating Irish folk songs and lively instrumental passages.

Kavana rescued ancient traditional songs that had been nearly forgotten in recent years. In the book he explains his creative process and how he eventually came up with the 4 CDs. He is accompanied by the Alias Band with special guest contributions by many renowned musicians, including master piper Paddy Keenan, Derek Hickey, Colm Murphy, Brian McNeill, Niamh Parsons, Éamonn Coyne, iamh Parsons, Gino Lupari and members of the Pogues.


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