Historical Reggae Recording by Culture Reissued in Deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition


Two Sevens Clash, the 30th Anniversary Edition (Shanachie, 2007)

Originally released in 1977, Two Sevens Clash  was the debut of legendary reggae band Culture. While Bob Marley was the king of reggae music, Culture are considered one of the greatest harmony groups in reggae history. The album’s lyrics were based on some prophecies by Marcus Garvey, whose philosophy inspired Rastafarianism.

This special edition is dedicated to the memory of culture founder, Joseph Hill, who dies last year in Germany. The special packaging includes a 12-page booklet with vintage photos, five bonus tracks that include rare recordings, and the story of Two Sevens Clash from Joseph Hill.


Roots reggae is the most attractive form of reggae and Culture is one of its top exponents. Highly recommended.

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