Gypsy Sounds from the Northwest Balkans

Various Artists

Gypsy Music of the Balkans (ARC Music, 2007)

With the growing interest in Gypsy music, the number of Gypsy music compilations has grown. The best known Gypsy music recordings usually comes from Romania, Hungary, France and Spain. This compilation, instead, was made in Slovenia, bringing a new perspective to the rich world of Roma music. It covers Gypsy acts from some of the countries in the former Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Croatia.

The artists selected include Bosnian stars Sarr-e-Roma, who had a series of folk music hits, selling up to three million albums with their Gypsy pop.


Macedonian guitarist Vlakto Stefanovski plays instrumental music, with Gypsy and jazz elements, combining guitar with clarinet.

Slovenian band Langa is one of Slovenia’s best known world music acts. Their festive music style is based on vocals, guitars, accordion and percussion. 

Zoran Predin plays Gypsy Swing. He’s not Gypsy, but he’s backed by renowned Slovenian Gypsy band Sukar.

The fiddle-led Ezerky & 7/8 is a collaboration between Macedonian and Croatian artists.

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