An Ocean of Dub

Various Artists

Essential Dub (Roir RSCD9503, 2007)

Music technology has allowed the development of new arts. Dub is the child of recording studio techniques that allowed musicians and engineers to rework musical pieces, creating reincarnations of previous works. 

Dub was developed in Jamaica and from there it "infected" musicians across continents. Many of the best global electronica and world beat acts use dub techniques in their recordings.

The commendable Essential Dub compiles some of the finest music from the extensive Roir catalog, which specializes in reggae and dub. The collections ranges from the basic African rooted Nyabinghi sound with African drums & bass and roots reggae to Bill Laswell’s spacey guitar and trance bass, and the world rhythms of Badawi.


The artists included are Oku Onuora (dub poetry), Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus (Nyabinghi sound), Dub Trio, Bush Chemists, Bad Brains, Twilight Circus, Bill Laswell, Dr. Israel, Niney The Observer, Alpha & Omega, Terrorists, Badawi, Phase Selector Sound, and 10 Ft. Ganja Plant.

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