Roots Samba From Bones Street

Juju Duarte - >Da Rua Dos Ossos
Juju Duarte – >Da Rua Dos Ossos
Juju Duarte

>Da Rua Dos Ossos (Art Hurts Records, 2006)

Da Rua Dos Ossos pays tribute to a legendary Brazilian singer, Juju Duarte. Producer Beston Barnett traveled to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil to record the vocals of the veteran singer. Additional music was recorded in San Diego (California).

Duarte has dedicated most of his artistic life singing samba. For Da Rua Dos Ossos, Duarte chose a collection of Afro-Brazilian songs which include several styles: samba velho, bossa nova, samba de roda, baiana, and pagode.

The acoustic sound of the album has a charming unplugged flavor. Most of the musical accompaniment is composed of stringed instruments and a wide assortment of Brazilian and African percussion. 

Juju Duarte still lives on Da Rua Dos Ossos ("The Street of Bones), just north of the Pelourinho in Salvador da Bahia). The CD was partially recorded there and one can hear the sounds of songbirds in the backgrounds.

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