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Hossam Ramzy

Bedouin Tribal Dance (ARC Music, 2007)

Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy is doing an outstanding job by introducing international audiences to the rich variety of Egyptian music. On  Bedouin Tribal Dance, Ramzy performs with some of the finest Bedouin musicians, including Shebi Abdalla on magrouna, Sabri Messaed on second magrouna, Mohammed Shebl on 3rd magrouna, Reda Sobhy on rebaba, Ahmed Kabaraty on percusssion, Sayed Ramadan on rebaba, Omar Khairy on duffs and Ragab El Haddad on mazhar. The vocals are by Yasmin Saied and Mostafa Abdalla.

The pieces selected for this recording are lively Bedouin wedding songs arranged by Ramzy. In most of the pieces there is a hypnotic magrouna melody leading the way, accompanied by the fiddling on the rebabas, percussion and hand clapping percussion.


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