Feel the Belly Dance Vibes


Boom Shinga Ling  (CIA Records, 2006)

Oojami belongs to the same musical school as visionary groups TransGlobal Underground  and Temple of Sound. That is, a combination of world beats with dancefloor electronica. In the case of Oojami, the main ingredients are Turkish music, specially belly dance music, and electronic grooves.

The musician behind the project is Necmi Cavli, from Turkey. On Boom Shinga Ling, Oojami uses musicians from 8 different cultural backgrounds. The result is an explosive mix of catchy songs with Turkish beats, ragga, electronic rhythms and dub. There is even a piece that resembles the sound of Afro Celt Sound System, combining belly dance music with Celtic fiddle.

Oojami is also a mesmerizing live act. The group combines belly dancers with Sufi dancing.

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