Flowing Pipa

Cheng Yu

Chinese Masterpieces of the Pipa & Qin (ARC Music, 2007)

Virtuoso musician  Cheng Yu specializes in the pipa and qin. In recent years there has been a growing interest in pipa performers, such as Jie Ma, Lingling Yu, Liu Fang,   Qui Xia, Shao Rong, and Wu Man. London-based Cheng Yu is yet another excellent musician to add to the list of brilliant pipa instrumentalists.

On Chinese Masterpieces of the Pipa & Qin, Cheng Yu plays a collection of reflective pieces using pipa, qin, xiao and dizi. One of Cheng Yu‘s greatest achievements was the recovery of the 5-string pipa, an instrument that had been lost since the 8th century.


Two master musicians accompany Cheng Yu on this recording, Li Xiangting on xiao and Wang Ciheng on the xiao.

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