The Fascinating Side of the Accordion

Mike del Ferro, Stian Carstensen and Azerbaijani Traditional Musicians – Jazz-Mugham Bridges (American Voices Association, 2006)

Motion Trio – Play-Station (Asphalt Tango, 2006)

Jazz Mugham Bridges features American pianist Mike Del Ferro and Norwegian accordionist Stian Carstensen. Included in the CD is the effect of two accordion styles which met in Berlin in 2003, at the Caspian Jazz and Blues Festival. The Azerbaijani garmon joined the jazz accordion in a lively music fest combining jazz and Azerbaijan folk music. The experience was very successful and the collaboration took place again in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The enthralling Jazz Mugham Bridges shows how the international cast of musicians blended Azerbaijani mugham with jazz. The recording can only be obtained in Baku through a donation to the State Museum of Azerbaijan Musical Culture or by making a donation to American Voices on

Polish accordion group Motion Trio plays unconventional accordion music. With three accordions the group plays hip dance music that is hard to believe. At times, one is expecting the drum machines to roll in in a frenzied beat, but that never happens. Instead, the accordions manage to create a trendy dance club ambiance without the aid of synthesizers and dance machines.

Motion Trio’s line up: Marcin Galazyn, Janusz Wojtarowicz, and Pawel Baranek.

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