Sephardic Valencians

Aman Aman

Musica I Cants Sefardis D’orient I Occident (Galileo GMC017, 2006)

If you are familiar with Spanish world music ensemble L’Ham de Foc, the musicians behind Aman Aman will sound very familiar. Aman Aman, however, focuses on the Sephardic musics of the eastern Mediterranean: Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, etc.

Aman Aman uses the beautiful voice of Mara Aranda, multi-instrumentalist Efrén López and several other Spanish, Greek , French and Moroccan musicians, who play a large collection of Mediterranean instruments from Spain, Greece, Turkey and the Arabic world to create a new interpretation of ancient songs.

The line-up is Aziz Samsaoui (qanun), Diego López (bendir, darbuka, zarb, doira and riq), Efrén López (ud, bağlama, lavta, cümbüs y tanbur), Eleni Kallimopoulou (politiki lyra), Hristos Barbas (ney y kaval), Mara Aranda (vocals and bendir) y Matthieu Saglio (cello). For the recording, the ensemble invited additional guests:  Eduard Navarro (Bulgarian gaida), Manolo López (bass) and Lukas Metaxas (lyra).

The CD booklet comes with song lyrics and liner notes in Valencian, Spanish, English, and German.

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