The Guitar Travels to Persia

Lily Afshar

Hemispheres (Archer Records ARR31926, 2006)

On Hemispheres, virtuoso guitarist Lily Afshar combines the classical guitar tradition with Persian music and South American pieces. Afshar shows her masterful ability at the guitar, playing delightful evocative compositions as well as technically difficult pieces.

The music selection includes several works written specifically for Afshar by renowned composers. She also plays a great piece by the Cuban guitar maestro Leo Brouwer.

On Morgh-eh-Sahar (Bird of Dawn), Lily Afshar trades her guitar for the ancient Persian setar, a long-necked lute.

Afshar’s technique is impeccable. Hopefully, she will encourage more girls and women to study the venerable art of guitar playing.

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